Evenings at the JW Marriott Houston Downtown are something special - a time to experience a unique and inviting welcome like no other!

Complimentary Guest Experiences – January 2019

Join us each day from 4 pm – 6 pm for a themed activity or inspired livation courtesy of Main Kitchen | 806 Lounge.

Tuesday, January 1
Healthy “Renewal” Juice

Wednesday, January 2
Last Chance Holiday Cookies

Thursday, January 3
Delectable Cupcakes

Friday, January 4

Saturday, January 5
Infused Water

Sunday, January 6
Infused Water

Monday, January 7
Healthy “Invigorate” Juice

Tuesday, January 8
Drunken Cheese

Wednesday, January 9
JW Sleep Mask Give-a-way

Thursday, January 10
Delectable Cupcakes

Friday, January 11

Saturday, January 12
Spa by JW Bath Salts Give-a-way

Sunday, January 13
Infused Water

Monday, January 14
National Dress Up Your Pet Day
Pictures with Griffin

Tuesday, January 15
National Hat Day
Drawing for a Complimentary JW Hat

Wednesday, January 16
Candy Bar

Thursday, January 17
Delectable Cupcakes

Friday, January 18

Saturday, January 19
Spa by JW Bath Salts Give-a-way

Sunday, January 20
National Cheese Day
Drunken Cheese

Monday, January 21
Martin Luther King Jr. Day
Healthy “Dream” Juice

Tuesday, January 22
Drunken Cheese

Wednesday, January 23
National Pie Day
Upside Down Pie Shooter by MK Pastries

Thursday, January 24
Delectable Cupcakes

Friday, January 25

Saturday, January 26
Spa by JW Bath Salts Give-a-way

Sunday, January 27
National Chocolate Cake Day
Mini Chocolate Cakes by MK Pastries

Monday, January 28
National Fun at Work Day
JW Fidget Spinner Give-a-way

Tuesday, January 29
Drunken Cheese

Wednesday, January 30
National Croissant Day
Mini Croissants by MK Pastries

Thursday, January 31
Delectable Cupcakes