Evenings at the JW Marriott Houston Downtown are something special - a time to experience a unique and inviting welcome like no other!

Complimentary Guest Experiences – March 2019

Join us each day for a themed activity, inspired livation or lite bite courtesy of Main Kitchen | 806 Lounge.

Friday, March 1

Saturday, March 2
Lasso Game

Sunday, March 3
Red White and Blue Parfait

Monday, March 4
Healthy Juice by Main Kitchen

Tuesday, March 5
Fat Tuesday King Cake – Lobby/Living Room
Mardi Gras Lite Bites in Griffin Lounge with Chef Zach 5p – 8p
Stoli Vodka Lime Launch Presentation and Mixer in Main Kitchen – 4p – 8p

Wednesday, March 6
Rodeo Sausage on a Stick

Thursday, March 7
Coffee Bar
Main Kitchen Class: Wines – 5p – 7p

Friday, March 8
Arnold Palmer

Saturday, March 9
Spin Wheel Fortune

Sunday, March 10
Daylight Savings Coffee Bar

Monday, March 11
Agua Fresca Clay Pitcher

Tuesday, March 12
JW Girl Scout Cookie

Wednesday, March 13
Funnel Cakes

Thursday, March 14
Chris Stapleton
Tennessee Whisky Old Fashioned
Main Kitchen Class: Pasta Making with Executive Chef Josh – 5p – 7p

Friday, March 15

Saturday, March 16
Lasso Game

Sunday, March 17
Coffee Bar

Monday, March 18
Healthy Juice

Tuesday, March 19
Popcorn Cart March Madness Kick-Off
Mixologist Class in Griffin Lounge – 6p – 7p

Wednesday, March 20
MK Spring Gazpacho

Thursday, March 21
Spa Activation

Friday, March 22

Saturday, March 23
Sir Griffin Puppy Day

Sunday, March 24
Coffee Bar

Monday, March 25
Agua Fresca Clay Pitcher

Tuesday, March 26
Lite Bite by Main Kitchen

Wednesday, March 27
Sangria and Manchego
Ceviche Station in Griffin Lounge with Chef Jhoan – 6p – 7p

Thursday, March 28
Coffee Bar

Friday, March 29

Saturday, March 30
March Madness Game

Sunday, March 31
Cold Brew Coffee Station