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Fall Houston Spa Specials at the Spa by JW

Experience the downtown Houston luxury spa and hotel that always has specially designed treatments to elevate your health and well being throughout the year.  Our experienced spa therapists have designed unique spa packages for the fall season that help you transition from the steamy heat of summer to the brisk nights of fall.  After all, you deserve a chance to relax and treat yourself to a decadent spa day after the hustle and bustle of back-to-school.  And before you know it, you’ll need to prepare for the holidays with big family events, social gatherings and work parties.  These fall Houston spa specials will deliver the best deals at the best spa in Houston.

Treat Yourself to the Best – Spa by JW

At Spa by JW we encourage you to take care of what makes you well.  September and October focus on Health and Fitness which makes these specials all about you.  Your physical health, your mental health, your spiritual health and more.  Discover how a few hours can lead to a more enriching future.

The Best Fall Spa Treatments to Try in Houston

Fall-Asleep Enhancement

Loss of sleep can slowly erode mental and physical wellbeing.  If you regularly suffer from insomnia or rely on pills to sleep, our Sleep Enhancement Treatment may be helpful.  Begin with a Soothing Foot Soak while guided breathing and meditation reduce stress and anxiety.  Next, recline in our Zero Gravity Chair with a customized Aromatherapy Oxygen Inhalation Blend.  Drift way to sweet dreams as you receive a deeply relaxing foot and leg massage.

| 60 minutes | Sun. thru Thur. $85 | Fri. and Sat. $100 |

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Euphoria - Harvest Wellness Ritual

An aromatherapy scalp massage, warm botanical scrub, full body massage and more lead to a euphoric state.  All is well.

| 80 /100 minutes | Sun. thru Thur. $180/205 | Fri. and Sat. $195/220

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Elemental Relief Pink Salt Massage

Find balance through the elements, with our Himalayan Pink Salt massage.  We unite 84 naturally occurring minerals, intention and touch to transport body and mind to greater harmony.

| 60 minutes | Sun. thru Thur. $165 | Fri. and Sat. $180

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Pumpkin Pick Me Up Manicure & Pedicure

Treat yourself to this blissful indulgence for the hands and feet.  Enhanced by elements of touch, skin is gently exfoliated with our Honey and Almond scrub and wrapped in a nutrient-rich Pumpkin Mask to soften and repair.  Hydrating massage with Milk and Honey butter soothes tired limbs and restores vitality and circulation.  Cuticle care, nail shaping, buffing and polish application complete the experience.

| 90 minutes | Sun. thru Thur. $110 | Fri. and Sat. $125

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